Casino Bonuses

What is an online casino bonus?

The popularity of online casinos is growing each day because they are very convenient to use and have really developed in past few years in order to provide their customers with the ultimate gaming experience. This is why the number of online casinos is growing very fast on daily basis and because of this it becomes very hard for existing casinos to keep their customers and for new casinos to lure new potential players.

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In order to win the battle with their competition online casinos have developed a complex marketing promotion offer consisted of big number of different casino bonuses.

Players tend to make a research of available bonus offers before making the choice of their online casino provider. So what does the online casino do? They try to keep up with the competition and provide even better consumer bonuses. That’s why the successful online casinos today have a big palette of bonuses that every customer can use. They are targeting new customers mostly, but there are good offers for loyal customers as well.

In its nature an online casino bonus means that the casino will provide you with additional cash to your deposit in order for you to play for longer periods of time. Usually they match your deposit by some percentage of it. There are some terms and conditions connected with the rollover requirements of the bonus. This means that you need to wager some predetermined amount of money before any withdrawals can be made. For example, if you place a €100 deposit and the casino matches you with 100% then you will have €200 to play with, but you will also need to place wagers of over €600 in order to make a withdrawal.

Types of bonuses

Some most common types of bonuses include the: welcome/sign up bonus, free spins, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, loyalty program, high roller bonus and Preferred money transaction method bonus. They are all differing between each other and are suitable for different types of customers. You should also understand that each online casino has special rollover requirements and this can turn out as a very important fact.


Welcome Bonus

This is probably the most common bonus and every serious online casino has this promotion offer in their marketing strategy. People refer to this bonus as a New Player or sometimes Sign Up bonus. It is created to attract new customers and give them a real value of their money. This solution makes new players happy and enthusiastic when their gaming experience comes in question.

The usual Welcome bonus is presented as a percentage match of your initial deposit amount.
This sounds something like “100% match on your initial deposit of up to €100”. In other words when you deposit some amount of money for the first time at an online casino they will match this amount. In this case if you deposit €100 the casino will give you €100 more to your online casino bank. Some casinos give the same cash amount for each deposit of their new customers. For example, you will get €20 when you make your first deposit.

There are several factors connected with this type of bonus. There are limits of the amount that will be accredited. For example, you will be given a 100% match for all amounts between €10 and €100. When the Welcome bonus is a predetermined cash amount then there is only a minimum amount that you need to deposit.

The rollover requirement connected with the Welcome bonus is very important as well. This means that you will need to place a certain amount of wagers in order to regain the right to make deposits. If you place €100 and there is a €100 matching bonus, then you will probably need to make wagers that are 3x times your bank. In this case that will be €600 because your bank is consisted of your initial deposit and the bonus amount. There are also rules on what games are eligible in this process. Some Welcome bonuses are connected only with certain table games or slots. The Sign Up bonus has time limitations as well, which are between 1 month and half a year, depending on the amount of the bonus.

It is very important to understand the rollover requirements before committing to an online casino and making your initial deposit. Make a research of customer experiences and respectable online casino review pages. This is highly advised because some online casinos have unbelievable offers, but impossible rollover requirements as well. Be careful with the Welcome bonus, especially if you are a novice player and you probably will be because these bonuses are designed to lure new customers.

It is obvious that the goal of the Welcome bonus is to lure new customers, but it is wrong to say that only beginners will take advantage of these bonuses. The reason for this is that already experienced players are always searching for new Welcome bonuses that will suit their needs and add value to their money. They will always try to take advantage of this because the games that they play are available at every online casino.


Reload Bonus

The Reload bonus is very similar to the welcome bonus with the difference that it is intended for already existing customers.

This is a way for casinos to say that they value you as a customer and that they will provide even more promotions that will add value to your money. The Reload bonus is usually connected with time periods and it is not that big as the welcome bonus.

There are two most common Reload bonuses: the weekly and the monthly Reload bonus. There are also some rollover requirements connected with this type of bonus, but they are not that strict or hard to fulfill as the ones that apply for the Welcome bonus because of the amount of money that comes in question and the fact that you are already a proven customer of the online casino.

The Reload bonus is good for customers that spend lots of time and money at online casinos and always want to add some cash to their online casino bank. This is a good way to heal some wounds to your bank if you had a losing week or month. The Reload bonus is used by regular customers that will also try to win some additional Loyalty Program points.


No Deposit Bonus

This is a form of bonus that is mostly used in promotional activities for a new game or to promote the launch of a new site.

The amount that is given away by online casinos to their new or existing customers is not that big and it is usually not greater than €10. The reason why this ridiculous bonus exists is that online casinos want to lure new players to some special games. The No Deposit bonus also has some rollover requirements and terms that need to be fulfilled before you make a withdrawal so the online casino is always protected. Some casinos may ask you to make a real money deposit in order to be eligible to make withdrawals and then fulfill some additional rollover requirements. New players and players that wager small amounts love these bonuses, but high rollers avoid them because they bring them an insignificant amount of money to their account and can trap them with some rollover requirements.


Free Spins Bonus

This bonus is similar to the No Deposit bonus.

The goal here is to give customers free spins on some new slot games or to promote an offer on some already existing slots.

This bonus is very popular because the number of slot players is very big and they tend to make a deep research for the best Free Spins offer before committing themselves to a casino. Slots are also a very addictive game so when the casino gives 10 Free Spins to a player they can count on the fact that he will continue to play with his own money for some period of time. That’s why online casinos love these bonuses and offer them to new and already established players. Nobody can withstand the Free Spin offers. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player the free spins will come in handy for everybody. The reason because is that new players want to try out some games without wagering lots of money and players that spend great amount of money on slot machines will find these spins helpful in fulfilling their quest for the big jackpot.


High Roller Bonus

High roller bonus
The High Roller bonus is tailored for elite players that make big deposits.

Usually it starts as a welcome bonus and after that the players that used it become VIP members. Not every casino has this bonus and some casinos have poor High Roller bonuses that look more like regular Welcome bonuses. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing the right High Roller online casino for you. Here, it is everything about the money because the rollover requirements are very similar between all casinos and players that spend big amounts of money really don’t care about them. They only want to take advantage of the online casino offer and search for the biggest first deposit percentage match that they can find. The amount of money that comes in question is usually bigger than €500.


Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program is closely connected with the type of player and its spending habits. The program is usually consisted of different levels in which a player can progress depending on the points that he has collected. The points are awarded based on the amount that a player wagers in a certain period of time. Every wager brings you some points.

The benefits of being on a higher loyalty program level is that you get some special bonus offers available only to certain players.

Freebees like tournament buy-ins, the value of you wagers is increasing, you can exchange your points for various award ranging from soccer ball to Ducati bikes, etc. Players that are considered high rollers take the best advantage of the Loyalty Program perks because they make big wagers and are awarded with great amount of points. Novice players and customers that don’t wager great amounts of money can’t really experience the benefits of the Loyalty Program to its fullest.


Preferred Money Transaction Method Bonus

This type of bonus emerged in the past few years and it came as a result of the more often collaboration between online casinos and online money transaction services. Online casinos are encouraging their customers to use a certain money transaction services by providing them with bonuses for that action.

This means that if you use a certain e-wallet that the online casino promotes, they will give you a percentage matching or predetermined amount of money for that.

This bonus is suitable for players that can use various money transaction services and it doesn’t matter for them if they make deposits directly through their credit card or via e-wallet service. Sometimes players from different parts of the world can’t take advantage of this bonus because the particular money transaction service is not available in their country.

Differences between types of bonuses

The main goal of every bonus is to provide additional value to the amount of money that the customer is depositing. There are also differences between the different types of bonuses. They are mostly connected with the rollover requirements, the players that they are targeting, the types of players that can redeem them, the nature of the bonus (is it a cash consideration or some other perk like Loyalty Program points, free spins and tournament buy-ins). For example, players which are already using the online casino services can’t redeem the Welcome bonus for the second time. In order to overcome these types of differences casinos are creating new bonuses every day so you can now find the 2nd deposit or even 3rd deposit welcome bonus.


Online casino bonuses are great for new and experienced players, but you must always be careful with the rollover requirements connected with them. Also read the terms and conditions of the bonus before making your deposit. The bonuses are a promotional tool and they give casinos a very effective marketing tool, but if you know what you are doing you can take advantage of their generous offers.