Best odds casino games

Players’ psychology and game understanding

Lots of people visit casinos on daily basis and each of them has a different goal. Some want to have fun, others want to make steady profit on the long term and everybody wants to hit the million dollar jackpot eventually.

You should always know what games are the best odds casino games and pay back the biggest percentage of your investment on average basis.

Great number of people don’t do research on this matter and play their favorite games or games with which they are emotionally connected. Sometimes players just sit and play the game automatically without thinking about their stakes, the amount that they have played till that moment or their potential winning. The only thing on their mind is the potential jackpot that they can hit.

Best casino odds researches

Usually all big casinos put out a public statement of the payback percentage of their games, especially when slots come in questions. Mathematicians and gambling experts also conduct researches that show which games are most profitable and advisable for all players to prefer them.

This applies for gamblers that want to make profit from their game and not for regular folks that just want to have fun at casinos and spend some extra buck in order to win the mega jackpot.

What games have the best odds?

While conducting a deep research some gambling experts found out that table games have the best pay back percentage in general. This means that when you consider all table games on global level, no matter the casino where they are played, you will get back the greatest deal of your investment. This is not the case with slots and some other video games.

Exception from this rule is the video poker especially the Video Poker All Aces variant. Some other reasons why table games have the best odds is the human factor. This means that a lot depends from the dealer and the cards that he will deal in real time because mathematical equations and computer variables don’t apply for real time table games.

How to approach the table games?

It is actually pretty simple. You need to create a bank that you are willing to spend in one night and avoid increasing it in the latter stages of the night. Your single bet should be around 1% to 3% of the total amount of your bank for the night.

Just sit down on a table and observe the play for a little while. When you get the touch and notice what cards are drown, what is the pattern of the deck just place your first bet based on simple forecasting and sense.

Table games with best odds

Table games alongside with slots are probably the most popular casino games out there. You should understand that these games include some level of skill contrary to other types of games. Best table games that you can use when planning to try out a new strategy and make a steady winning are: Blackjack, Craps and Roulette.


The blackjack has the best odds of winning from all games with a house edge of just one percent in most of the serious casino houses. This means that on average level the casino takes only one percentage of all wagers.

blackjack table

Blackjack – best odds of winning!

If you have a smart bankroll strategy, then you can end up with a decent profit level on the long term. You should understand that most of the smart strategies and gambling plans are connected with the progression of your wagers and the adjustments of your bankroll and not with what numbers you need to play or when to hold your cards that part is left only to your feeling and the effect of pure luck.

Blackjack is also a very easy game to understand and keep track on the cards from the deck. This doesn’t mean to count all the cards from the deck, but after a while you will know what cards have passed and what cards will follow.


Craps is a game that includes dices and your chances of winning each hand are 50-50 each time you play. Because of this it becomes the second best table game with great odds of winning where you can try out different strategies.

craps table

Craps – great odds of winning

Some other factors include the fact that you are in control all the time because the player rolls the dices and he is the only factor that determines the outcome of each hand. People say that certain level of skill is needed in order to win a game of Craps.


Roulette is the most popular table games for players that have bankroll strategies because there is a big offer of different games where you can place your wagers with different odds. You can play on single numbers (it is highly advisable not to do this when playing Roulette), group of numbers, odd/even numbers or even black/red color.

roulette table

Roulette – you can end up with a decent profit at the end of the night

This means that you can choose the best game that suits you and there are some patterns that repeat in the game of Roulette. For example you can chase the red color with different types of progression and end up with a decent profit at the end of the night or you will be able to control the amount of your loses.

What games have the worst odds of winning

The slots machines are very popular among casino players because of their high tech design and big jackpots, but in reality the casino makes most of their profits on slots with a house edge sometimes reaching 15% and more. The Wheel of Fortune is the second worst game where you can invest your money with a similar house edge with the slot machines.