Casino Cheaters

roulette table

When entering a casino each player wants to learn a new trick or hear some inside information that will increase his chances of winning at the table games or maybe even hitting a progressive jackpot on the slot machines.

It is always a good thing to know how to win when you gamble, but great number of people wants to win using illegal and unfair methods against the casino. Through the years there are few examples or so called successful stories of players that cheated the casino, but all of them have the same ending – they eventually got caught by the authorities.

Great thinking was involved in order to create the perfect casino cheating strategy and there was even innovation of different methods and sometimes devices that would help a certain individual to win at various casino games, but rarely that there was a happy ending to any of these stories.

Roulette Past Posting Created by Mumbles

Past posting is the situation when a player changes the chips from the non winning combination to the winning one at the last moment when playing roulette. For example you put $5 on red and actually black is the winning outcome so you quickly change the place of your chip just after it was announced. The same technique is applied for numbers and all other winning combinations. You can also add more chips if you already picked the right place on the roulette wheel.

The first player who applied this rather simple strategy that acquired lots of precision, fast thinking and reflexes was an urban legend that went by the nickname Mumbles. He noticed that live dealers make lots of honest mistakes when he played at a craps table. A gentleman that was sitting just next to him wagered $30 and Mumbles just added a $5 chip on his pile. That combination actually won and the dealer gave them $10 each. The other player protested and asked for his $60 winnings. Shortly after that the dealer has apologized and paid out the right amount. Mumbles realized that live dealers make these mistakes pretty often and that they can’t keep an exact track on them. He made a good living out of this method together with his team and stands as one of the rare gamblers that didn’t actually got caught.

Laser Tag

Betting team consisted of two men and a woman has won over $2 million at the Ritz Casino in London. They achieved this using a mobile phone with a laser device which calculated the speed and the point of decay of the boll. Information, which was transferred to a computer where calculations were made and the machine, sent an SMS back to the mobile phone. The process was done in manner of seconds enough time to place the bets before the closure of the particular round. The best thing is that they were caught by the police, but they couldn’t be charged because they didn’t use any illegal methods or devices as the country law states.

The Inside Job

You can buy almost everything in life with money and the loyalty of casino croupiers is not excluded from this list. The process in which the dealer is connected with some of the players and helps them out in cheating the casino is called Top Hatting. In this scenario the dealer just moves the chips that his connection placed right to the winning square on the table. Most vulnerable game to this con is live Roulette. There are no notable examples of teams that won great amounts of money using this strategy and this is because casinos always keep a close eye on their workers and even if the plan is successful these groups are smart enough not to win some ridiculous amounts of money.