High Roller Casino Players – Who? What? Why?

Online casinos nowadays are doing their very best to attract new customers and keep the old ones busy as they deposit more and more. Maintaining their player base is also important to online casinos. Offering a wide selection of online casino games and many regular and exclusive bonuses and promotions is a good way to catch the players’ eyes and keep them coming back for more.

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While some casinos tent to focus more on their game selection or others on their promotions to attract new customers, there are some online casinos that focus on their player base. More specifically, some casinos focus on a specific group of casino players known as high rollers or online casino whales.

But what does being a high roller mean?

In short, it means a wide range of red carpet luxuries and exciting and mind-blowing benefits. If you have a lot of money and want to play big, choose an online casino of your liking and became a high roller. The high rollers status comes with many great benefits that vary from one online casino to another. Regardless of the various offers, as a high roller you will surely enjoy being treated as a royal family member. From big welcome bonuses and specific high roller bonuses to VIP promotions and trips to exotic lands, your status of a high roller will indeed offer you many benefits.

What is a High Roller?

Before explaining the benefits a high roller status brings, it is important to explain the term high roller. High rollers, also known as VIP players, online casino whales or big fish, are a group of online casino players that often place large wagers at casinos. These players often deposit big amounts and are usually found at the high limit gaming tables. Online casinos would be lucky to have them and that’s why they treat them as stars. There are also high roller casinos that deal particularly with this type of casino players that bet large amounts. Among the great selection of games at these high roller casino sites are usually the games with high limits.

Being a high roller also means that you can greatly benefit from exclusive treatment and enjoy a great deal of special bonuses and promotions. The high roller casinos usually have VIP program and offer many special benefits and services to high rollers.

Warm Welcome to High Rollers

If you are a high roller then you expect a certain style of perception from a casino. Therefore, you should be rewarded when you bring big money to the table. Some online casinos, particularly the high roller casinos, give a warm welcome to new high roller players by offering great high roller sign up bonuses. This bonus involves making a large deposit which is usually over €500 or €1000 and the casino matches it to a certain percentage. For example, if your first deposit is €1000 or more then the online casino should credit you with an extra €500 or more.

In addition to the high roller welcome bonus, you should be instantly considered for the casino’s exclusive VIP membership and you should still be eligible for the other welcome bonus offers. These welcome bonuses are usually percentage or match- up bonuses. This means that once you register for an account, the online casino will match your first deposit up to a certain percentage. There are also some great high roller welcome packages that refer to your first deposits.

Become a VIP

Different online casinos have different VIP programs. A higher VIP status also brings you closer to a high roller. Being a VIP is not the same as being a high roller. High rollers are spotted by the casino immediately after they make a huge first deposit, while VIPs usually earn VIP invitation into the VIP Club and advance across certain VIP levels.

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One way to earn a VIP invitation into the VIP Club and enjoy the exclusive casino benefits is to deposit and play more and with time you will be spotted as a potential VIP player. Then you can move up through the various levels. These levels usually are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Premier Club but they vary from one casino to another. Deposit big amounts frequently and you will also be spotted by the casino and be given a VIP status as well as earn the title of a high roller.

There are several benefits to being a VIP player and some of them include VIP welcome bonus upon invitation, faster payouts and higher deposit limits, VIP Upgrade bonus, free monthly bonuses as well as special monthly VIP promotions and events and a lot more.

Loyalty Program

Being a high roller and a loyal player it means that your loyalty will never go unnoticed by the online casinos. Loyalty bonuses are types of casino bonuses that award your loyalty to an online casino and are often bundled in with the common VIP Scheme or Loyalty Program. These bonuses are usually given to high rollers and online casino players that had reached a certain senior VIP level as they deposit and play their favorite casino games. You should either be spotted by the casino or you are signed up for these bonuses automatically.

Most only casinos give away loyalty points that vary depending on the game you want to play. For instance, you may get 2 or 3 points per €10 wagered on slots. Some online casinos also offer “cashback” as part of their loyalty program. This means that you will get some points for every bet placed. Usually, for every €10 wagered, you will get 1 point that is equal to 1 cent. These points are surprisingly quickly to accumulate and can later on be redeemed for cash or other prizes.

If you are a high roller and you are willing to deposit €10 000 or more in a month, then it pays off to look for a casino with a good loyalty scheme. It is also recommended to email or call up a particular casino and ask them about their extra benefits.

Other Royalty Treatments for High Rollers
The high roller welcome bonuses and bonus packages, the VIP statuses and the loyalty programs are not the only benefits of being an online casino whale. You can also enjoy other special high roller treatments as well. Some of them include exclusive trips to exotic lands as well as luxury holidays. For instance, you may be entitled to a trip to Monaco or enjoy a weekend in Dubai. However, these offers depend on the online casino itself.

High rollers can also get exclusive event invitations. You may be invited to watch an exciting show or you may win sports tickets for you and a guest of your choice.

For example, you might be invited to watch the top comedy shows like Peter Kay, attend cool concerts like Led Zeppelin or Sting or win tickets for some exciting sporting events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix or British Golf Open Championship. With the high roller status you may also win cool hi-tech gadgets and designer goods. Some high roller casinos may even offer you a very own VIP accountant manager that will give you the attention when you need it.

What You Need to Know About High Rollers

If an online casino player is a high roller, it doesn’t mean that he or she is rich. This may come as a surprise, but most players that deposit large amounts come from the middle classes. This means that these players make large deposits just to get rich. There are in fact some very rich high rollers, but they are very few and they normally respect too much their money to risk a lot losing it in a few days.

Another thing you need to know about high rollers is that the majority loves playing baccarat. They love this game because baccarat is an exclusive game and has high limits. If a few whales play baccarat in one night, the casino may win or lose millions.