Real Roulette HD for iPad

Picture of App REal roulette HDReal Roulette HD is Top Hat Apps creation, which brings your free Roulette experience as close as it is possible to real money Live Roulette tables in co-operation with Casino TV. App features live dealer, who is a very attractive women, must say.

All the content and videos are downloaded, so you dont need internet connection to play, database of different spins is large enought, that numbers are not repeating more often, than at a real casino Roulette table. Due to that it is not exactly the smallest app by size, Real Roulette HD takes about 152MB space on your Ipad. In AppStore information developer claims, that it is for free only as part of a limited time offer, which we at think will be still unlimited time, but it is worth downloading indeed right now. recommends!

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