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888casino is a Gaming Intelligence Award Winner for Best Casino Operator of the Year in 2015. This critically acclaimed online casino is also home to an impressive variety of online and live Roulette games. Each of the games is unique in terms of rules, wagering minimums and maximums, and payout potential. Players can enjoy a full selection of feature-rich Roulette attractions including European Roulette, American Roulette, Low Stakes Roulette, French Roulette and 3D Roulette. These games showcase a user-friendly interface, quick click functionality, easy betting options and more. The Live Roulette Tables are among the most popular attractions at 888casino and they showcase authentic Roulette entertainment with real dealers. Live chat functionality, secure streaming video and a wide range of games are available to online roulette players.

There are typically three classic Roulette variants including French Roulette, European Roulette and American Roulette. Each of these games runs on its own set of rules, betting selections and returns. For example, European Roulette wheels feature numbers 0, and 1-36. The house edge in this game is lower than other variants owing to the single zero. At just 2.70%, the house edge in European Roulette is the preferred option for many players at 888casino and beyond. Players have multiple betting selections available, including odds and evens, red or black, 0, first 12, second 12 and third 12 options, 2 to 1, neighbours, and others. There are 2 standard betting options in Roulette including inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are typically numbers or combinations of numbers and they have a higher payout with a lower probability. Outside bets include 50-50 options (although there is always the possibility of zero coming up) with much higher hit ratios, but lower overall payouts.

How to Get Started with Roulette at 888casino?

In all versions of Roulette at 888casino, players can enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions complete with a full range of betting options. Auto spin functionality, quick bet placement, repeat bets, quick deposit and withdrawal options and more are available to players. Game rules are posted for each of the Roulette games at 888. With the exception of live Roulette, it is possible to practice all of the variants listed above in a free-play mode direct off your browser. A full download version of 888casino’s platform is also available to players and it offers additional features and higher quality gaming. To get started with any of the Roulette games at 888casino, players must register an account, verify the details and be from an eligible country. It is not necessary to play Roulette games online for real money, since the free play option is available on all but the live Roulette gaming options. This is a great way to learn the ins and outs of each game prior to wagering for real money.

Roulette Games and Roulette Tables

European Roulette is an easy to play game with multiple betting selections. Players have outside bets (odd/even, red/black, 1-18, 19-36, columns and dozens), inside bets (single numbers, street bets, straight bets, corner bets, Double Street bets, 5-number bets), odd/even bets, colour bets and numbered bets. There are multiple bet types in European Roulette including straight up bets, street bets, dozen bets, column bets, top line bets and more.

The game also features an advanced panel where players can place wagers on neighbour bets, and there are Hot Roulette Numbers and Cold Roulette Numbers. Auto play functionality makes it quick and easy to wager a preset number of Roulette games without having to click through each of them manually. The payouts for straight up bets in Roulette is 35 to 1, for split bets 17 to 1, 3 number bets 11 to 1, street bets 11 to 1, corner bets 8 to 1, line bets 5 to 1, and dozen bets 2 to 1.

American Roulette is similar to European Roulette with one critical difference: It features a 0 and a 00. This changes the game’s payout and the range of available betting options. All the self-same roulette bet types are available in American Roulette, with the inclusion of a 0 or a 00. The house edge in American Roulette is 5.26%. As with standard Roulette variants, the payout for a straight up bet coming good is 35 to 1. When playing American Roulette at 888casino, the minimum wager is €1/£1/$1 and the maximum wager is $300/€300/£300. The theoretical return to player is 94.74%. This game is also available on mobile smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android-powered devices.

3D Roulette is a highly entertaining Roulette variant which is fashioned off the European Roulette game. What is different about this and conventional European Roulette is simply the graphics and animation. This game offers a 3D perspective on the Roulette table, which is highly appealing to players seeking in-depth visuals of this game. You get close-ups of the pockets the ball lands in, and different vantage points can be selected. The minimum wager in 3D Roulette is $1/£1/€1 and the maximum wager is $500/€500/£500. This game has an RTP (return to player) of 97.30%.

French Roulette is one of the most interesting variants of the lot. It also features a single 0 like European Roulette, but there are specific rules that make this game highly enticing to players. For starters, all of the typical betting options are available, with many new ones. All of the names of the bets are listed in French, apropos. But there are special French Roulette features that are not available in any other game. These include the following rule: La Partage. This rule means that if a player places an even money bet and the ball lands in the 0 pocket, the pair will only lose 50% of the wager. This can be of tremendous benefit since it lowers the house edge from 2.70% to just 1.35%. It covers most every even money bet including the following pair/impair, rouge/noir, and manqué/passe. There are various announced bets there are available in the advanced section of the game and there are specific betting rules that cover numbers that can be bet on, how many chips will be used etcetera. The minimum bet is $1/€1/£1 and the maximum wager is $300/€300/£300.

Low Stakes Roulette as its name suggests is an affordable European Roulette alternative. It is identical in other ways to European Roulette variants, with the exception that wagers are affordable to all players. All of the standard betting options are available in straight up bets, street bets, corner bets, line bets, dozen bets, column bets and others. The one major difference is the minimum/maximum betting options. Your lowest possible bet in low stakes European Roulette is $0.50/£0.50/€0.50 and the maximum is $300/£300/€300.


Live Dealer Roulette Games

Live Roulette tables feature a full spectrum of options for players. There are a variety of real-life dealers and live Roulette tables. Each of them has been geared towards a specific type of player with bankroll and game preferences factored in. For example, there are low stakes Roulette games, high stakes Roulette games, European, French, American and other Roulette styles. The list of the live Roulette games at 888casino is expansive and includes the following:

  • Exclusive 888 Casino Tables
  • Auto Roulette
  • Polish Live Roulette
  • French Live Roulette
  • Immersive Roulette
  • Dragonara Roulette
  • German Live Roulette
  • Italian Live Roulette
  • British Live Roulette
  • Spanish Live Roulette


The Complete Online Roulette Package at 888casino

Each of the aforementioned Roulette variants offers a unique set of rules, betting options, language options etcetera. One of the most exciting Roulette games is Dragonara Roulette. It features the Dragonara Palace in Malta – a plush and luxurious casino. Players playing the game from the comforts of home or on the go will actually be seated at the self-same table as real-life players at the casino.

This is the most unique and immersive experience a live Roulette player could hope for. As with standard Roulette variants, the overall payout percentage is 97.30%, but different Roulette games have different payouts. For example, Auto Roulette La Partage has an RTP of 98.65%, Ruleta En Vivo has a 98.65% RTP and French Roulette Gold has a 98.65% RTP.

Besides for the unique set of games, 888casino also offers playing guides for each of these Roulette variants. The ultimate Roulette guide features Roulette strategy, Roulette hotspots, casino odds and even a quiz for testing your Roulette skills. All in all, players can expect a complete, entertaining and immersive Roulette gaming experience at 888casino. The range of games, betting selections, audio-visual quality, and credibility of the platforms is second to none.

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T&Cs apply 18+