Roller Casino for iOS

Basic Info

Roller Casino is a gambling platform created by Paddy Power intended only for iPad and iPhone users. This is the first online casino application specialized for iPad where you can wager real money at the same time.

Roller Casino has exactly 19 games in its offer and you can play them in a well-designed environment with high tech graphics and audio effects.

It becomes extremely interesting when you start playing Roller Roulette because there are some innovative features that will allow you to be your own card dealer. The safety of this casino app never comes in question because it is supported by Paddy Power, one of the best online casinos and bookmakers there is. You will benefit from their experience in customer support and marketing promotions as well.

Roller Casino will change your perception of iPad gambling applications for good because of the game-play experience that it provides. You can create an account with your iPad and after that connect the same account with your iPhone. If you are tired of that same music that you can hear at every online casino, you can connect your iTunes account as well and enjoy your favorite play-list while spinning the Roulette wheel. When you combine this with the great design and easy navigation you get one prime time application.


Roller Casino, as we previously mentioned, has 19 games that are made available to all iOS device users. Some of their top titles include Roller Roulette, Hotel of Horror, Single Screen Roulette, Blackjack Solo, Blackjack Surrender, Clover Gold, Maya Pyramid, etc. Some of the games sound very familiar and common, but Roller Casino will surprise you with the all new design and innovative features for most of them.

One of the most well designed games is Roller Roulette where you can spin the wheel and throw the ball by swiping the screen of your iPad device.

This brings a totally new and never before seen customer experience when we talk about online or mobile device casinos that use real money wagers. This gives the customer a feeling that Roulette is not only a game of pure luck, but that he can control his destiny and foresight the outcome of the game because of the skill that he possesses.

You can feel the same thing while playing Hotel of Horrors. This is a slot machine game where you can change the outcome of the bonus round by tilting your screen. The game experience is brought to a new level with this and now players will expect these features to transfer to all other mobile device casino applications. That’s why Roller Casino is a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry.

Roller casino screenshot

One of the most well designed games is Roller Roulette where you can spin the wheel and throw the ball by swiping the screen of your iPad device.

They haven’t only developed new game-play features that will make their games more popular, but they have also thought of some new rules for classic table games. Great example for this is the Blackjack Surrender, table game that is a part of the Roller Casino 19 games offer. If you don’t like your cards, you can give them back and take 50% off of your wager. This raises the winning edge when you play Blackjack.

Bonus and Promotions

Although Roller Casino is an application designed for iOS users it still has some great bonus offers and promotion packages. There are a great number of sites that will provide you with promotion codes of various types, but probably the best Roller Casino bonuses are offered by the application itself. You can get a match with maximum amount of £250 for your sign up bonus. There is a £10 of free wagers when you stake £5 for a good start of your gambling experience with Roller Casino. There are promotions all the time at Roller Casino and you can take advantage of some cashbacks, cashdrops and matching deposit offers while you play at this mobile casino. Great VIP scheme is available for all high rollers at Roller Casino.

Roller casino screenshot
Banking, Security and Payment Options

Roller Casino is an application supported by Paddy Power so it is very logical for it to possess all of the most popular payment options used for online casinos. All major credit cards are available for use and you can also deposit or withdraw money by using your PayPal account.

The minimum amount that you can withdraw is £10 and they are processed relatively quickly to your bank account. It takes 3-4 days for all credit card transactions and only couple of hours for all PayPal withdrawals. This is very convenient because it is an iOS application and everything is connected in the process.

Security never comes in question because Roller Casino uses the same payment systems and platforms as Paddy Power. All the transactions are encrypted for the whole payment process. The Isle of Man Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating the money transactions.

Customer Support

Roller Casino provides great customer support to their customers and you can contact them by using free phone numbers, live chat or mail. The knowledgeable and very friendly customer support representatives are available 24/7 only for you. The responses that they provide are clear and exact so you won’t spend much time arguing and explaining yourself.


You can download the application on the official App Store to your iPad or iPhone. You can choose to register to the app or to the Roller Casino directly when you first start playing. Before you begin with real money wagers, there is the demo mode created for novice players and people that want to try out the Roller Casino mobile application before they start using it.

The Future of Roller Casino

Roller Casino is one of the most innovative online gambling applications designed for devices that use iOS. The great design with options that will allow you to customize your own audio environment brings a totally new gambling environment for all online casino lovers. Roller Casino also put new gambling game-play standards out there and it will be very soon when all other casino mobile applications will try to match this breakthrough in the gaming industry.