Roulette etiquettes for live casinos

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After the ball has landed the dealer places a marker above the slot in order to present the number that won.

Numerous players around the world think that they have learnt everything they need to know about the Roulette. Well, knowing and understanding the rules of the game isn’t enough. Even if you have played Roulette numerous times, that doesn’t mean you have mastered this casino game.

First of all it’s crucial to explain how manners and the etiquette really affects the game and affects (positively or negatively) to the picture we have about the player that is next to us or the gambler that has been represented. It’s necessary to mention that if players want to be better at Roulette and really want to improve their skills, the first thing they should do is to start from the very own beginning – learning the manners and the etiquette they must present every time they are near to a Roulette table.

Most of the players at first think that all those rules, culture gestures and calm and moderate manners that should be presented in front of the Roulette table and during the entire game are important for the live casinos only. But this opinion could not be more wrong. The rules and gestures players know and practice are also good for the online Roulette players, because of the image they have and the admiration they will get for this game later on. Learning and using these manners and etiquette allows you to see the game in a way you have never seen before.

If players not use and respect the following manners, that decision can easily bounce from their head and cost them expensive, because not showing courtesy and respect for the dealers and the players among you, could even be treated as cheating. Players could also be asked to leave the game and the table, even leave the casino if they don’t act like they suppose to.

Approaching the Roulette table

One of the most known yet unwritten rules is connected to the approach to the Roulette wheel. First thing players should do before they start playing is to be extremely culture and show significant dose of respect for the dealer first and then for the other players that surround him. It’s beyond important to be polite and not to fight or have second thoughts about the seat and the spot you’ll take on the table.

Drunkenness is not tolerated or welcomed or any inappropriate behavior, loud talking, knocking and touching the chips of the other players or cursing and accusing the dealer and other players if the player is losing.

Joining the table and playing

The first thing you need to do after you sit and join the Roulette table is to buy your chips. In order to do so, you need to put your cash in front of you, on a blank spot of the felt and wait the current spin to end. After the ball is spun and all of the previous bets have been settled, the dealer itself will turn your cash into chips. Every player has its own chips with specified, unique color, so will you.

During the placing of the bets you need to pay attention and keep up with the situation itself and observe discreetly the behavior of the dealer and the words he is saying. After you hear “No more bets” you cannot place any more bets and all players should keep their hands off the table, therefore to restrain from touching any chips.

Etiquette during Winning numbers

Regardless if the winning number is the number you’ve placed your bet on or not, after the ball has landed on that number, the dealer places a marker (so called dolly) above the slot in order to present the number that won. Only the dealer has the right to distribute the winnings.

Series of winning and tipping

In case the player has good winning rounds, occasionally should tip the dealer. But never hand out money or chips in dealer’s hands, just place a token bet before you, but be sure to place it before your own wager, at the two o’ clock position of the betting spot. That way the player won’t get confused and take some of that token later on when he places another bet.

It’s polite and kind to tip the wait staff and the dealer during and after the game is finished. It’s not expected but it’s complementary.