Roulette History

roulette history

By the time of the 1800s, roulette was present throughout whole Europe.

What is Roulette?

Roulette in today’s world is one of the most famous and most popular casino games. Once known and available only to the royalties and to the people that belong to the higher economy classes in Europe, the Roulette collects and attracts thousands of sympathies among every man on the Planet, regardless if the player belongs to the working class or to the wealth holders in this world.

Roulette has been favorite casino game of all times simply because of it’s adventurous nature, fun, esthetic appeal and the emotions that it challenges within us – the adrenaline and constant blood rush dilemma of whether you are going to win the money you bet and will your number be drawn out.

Shortly, the Roulette wheel is actually a spinning dish, a base of a bowl with ball that spins. The ball is spun around the outside of the bottom bowl and players should place their money following some random or deliberate pattern they’ve thought of through the black and red divisions numbered from 1 to 36. The green division in Roulette is being numbered 0.

Origin of Roulette

It’s absolutely unavoidable to read and meet numerous sayings and opinions about the origin of this game. After all, it was invented back in the 1655, and like most of the things that were invented those years, there are endless claims about the origins and about the inventor as well. The name “roulette” originates from the French word that means “little wheel”. Starting to process the translation in your mind, the Roulette surely is a little wheel fulfilled with hopes, fun and expectations, therefore the name suits magnificent to the character of the game itself.

It’s believed that the Roulette originates from Paris, France and the French physicist, inventor, mathematician, writer and philosopher –Blaise Pascal, was the “father” of the Roulette. Though invented in the 1655, this game has been seen and spotted in 1796 in Paris for the first time. Pascal actually wanted to create a perpetual motion machine, so this primitive form of roulette of his was adapted and changed from other people later on.

Throughout the years, there have been many stories about this casino game and it has been celebrated and chanted in various poems and novels. It has been described in details confirming the layout that considers of two betting spaces that contain the 2 numbers of the Bank – Zero and Double Zero. It’s crucial to add that at first, the Roulette had numbered pockets (from 1- 36) and a 0 pocket, but had gone through numerous adaptations and changes – in the 19th century a newer version was spotted where Double Zero (00) had been added.

Nowadays, some people claim that this game has been a variation and combination of more English, French and German board games, while others strongly reject those statements. At some point, because of the mystery and intrigue that surrounded Roulette, this game had been banned in France, therefore it spread over to England, Germany and entire Europe. By the time of the 1800s, the game was present throughout whole Europe and in the United States of America as well.

Shortly, this game became very popular and favorite among the players and the casino houses. Some houses had added the double zero in their favor, while in others Roulette was played with single zero. Today, the double zero feature is the main characteristic of the American Roulette, while the European and French Roulette are known for the single zero.

Presence and accessibility nowadays

Today, Roulette in a way is the first thing most people think about when the word “casino” is mentioned. Throughout the years it managed to maintain the status of the most popular and most favorite casino game of all times, regardless of where it has been played.

Nowadays, the Roulette is present in every actual casino worldwide as well as in the online casinos. It still remains the perfect and magnificent fit for the croupier and the players because of its nature – in the same time, at the same table the croupier can satisfy and take care of more players. Most common format of playing Roulette today is the European version.