Roulette Myths

roulette wheel
There are numerous myths connected to the most famous casino game called Roulette and many of those myths are implying the mystic origin of this game, the variations of the game itself, the rules and the standards of playing, placing your money and choosing the winning number. Nevertheless, Roulette is an outstanding, incredibly fun and magnificent casino game, adored by millions of people worldwide.

Ever since the birth of the Roulette, people have been adding touch of mysticism, intrigues and horror about the development of the rules. It has been chanted in many poems, celebrated in many novels, constantly adding new creators of the game and vicious legends about the magical numbers of the incredible Roulette. Even though today this game is a widely popular and favorite for many players, once upon a time it was banned.

The myth considering this prohibition of Roulette in France is the theory where Francois Blanc (one of the man that adapted the game in the late 19th century) has made a pact with the Devil in order to discover the secrets of the Roulette wheel.

The fact that if you add the numbers zero through the 36 together, you will get 666 and this numbers is known as the “Number of the Beast” – the Devils number was a strong conviction and the game was banished for some time.

Common myths regarding Roulette

Often, when people lose, they tend to seek sometimes logical and sometimes outrageous reasons why did they lose the money on the Roulette. Some of them write down the number they placed money on and never use or think of that number again. Losing and not experiencing the victory they’ve craved for in this game, lot of people invented false statements, myths and superstitions and so called systems against the Roulette itself in order to win.

The Myth of Roulette Wheels

One of the often mistakes and myths that Roulette players constantly do is the fact that they assume all of the Roulette games offer them the same chance to win. Not all variations of Roulette offer the same chance of wins and losses. People mostly choose European Roulette because it offers far more favorable 2.70% casino edge. People often think and invent some mathematical systems can allegedly beat the wheel.

The Myth of “Sleeping numbers”

This myth is actually teaching you not to place your money on a number that hasn’t be drawn for a long time. The myth actually implies to the numbers that “sleep” and those numbers are the numbers that the ball hasn’t landed on.

The Myth of Lucky Numbers

Another common myth is that you need to place your bet on some of your lucky numbers. In this category these numbers are actually the dates and the years of people’s birth dates, birth dates of the people they love, number they always use in lottery, date of the day when something nice has happened to them, or the date when their favorite football team won. Generally, in most parts of the world, the number 7 is considered as extremely fortunate.

The Myth of Lucky Charms

Probably the most famous myth which was widely accepted is the myth that all of your lucky charms will help you win. Lot of people worldwide bring their personal belongings and lucky charms like lucky penny (or any other coin), blouse or pants they wore when something good has happened to them, special necklace, 4-leaf clover, horse shoe, rabbit’s foot etc.

Myth of colors

One of the oldest myths is the rule that you need to bet on the first color you see when you have approached the Roulette table. People often place their money on the first color that has caught their attention.

Myths on dealers

Some of the players often think that the dealers (the Croupier) can make the ball stop wherever and whenever they want to. This pure myth can easily be discovered if people think logically, because no one can stop the ball.


In this fun and amusing casino game, there are no skills required. Considering the rules and the lots of myths that are circling about this game, lot of sites can help the players out, where people can learn new things. When it comes to myths and the rules about placing your money on the Roulette wheel, it’s crucial to mention that past results surely don’t indicate the future ones.