Roulette Royale for Android and iOS devices

Roulette Royale is a nice Roulette app, which is well playable also on phones, not only tablets. Created by well known gaming app maker MyWavia Studios. Roulette is played only on play money, also app himself is for free, so it is a fully costless possibility to play for fun roulette. Still though – there is a downside to totally free gaming experience, you have to accept ads, which are constantly showed on the screen of your device, but they are acceptable and will ruin your experience too much. Sure you have a chance to switch off your internet connection or wifi to have an ad free spin or any desired numbers of spins of Roulette.

Picture of Roulette App

There are other virtual players at the table as well, so you will not play and place bets alone, they are of course BOTS, so no real people behind those names of other players like Paulina or Malgorzata. You can change in settings almost everything, wheter you want to play American Roulette or European Roulette, sounds or no sounds etc, also full statistics are available. If you run out of money you just simply need to close the app and re-open it and you have a nice load of chips again in front of you.

You have a chance to challenge your Facebook friends, look how much they are worth and poke them, but in general, it likely will not be the most popular feature of the app. Also some other features available inside the app, like shop, Hall of Fame etc, but in general you will probably use it just to have fun while waiting for boarding to an airplane.

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