Roulette Stakes

Online casinos offer a variety of roulette stakes. In a land casino, you may get 25p, 50p or £1 chips as the minimum on the inside with usually £1 – £5 on the outside. As the croupier has to work out the payouts, very lows stakes casinos are quite rare in real life. You could say the land casinos are for high rollers only.

In a betting shop the roulette chips start at 20p, with the minimum bets at 20p and £1 on the inside and outside. These are better for your low roller. The maximum bets on these machines is £100 but you can spin the wheel 3 times a minute, meaning you can lose a lot more on a FOBT than you can at the casino. Even the fastest croupier isn’t going to be able to spin more than 1 game a minute whereas at the bookies it 3 games a minute.

Online, you can get stakes from 1p all the way up to £90000. Thats not on the same table but you can see the range in bets is huge online. See the site for a list of different table stakes.

Roulette stakes are important, as they more or less control what you can win or lose. A roulette table with a maximum bet of £10 is not going to let you win or lose very much whereas if the maximum bet was £10000 then you can lose a hell of a lot.

If you are doing roulette systems, the main thing is the difference between the maximum and minimum bets. As most systems involve some type of progression, it is important not to hit the maximum bet or table limit. This will short circuit and system and be very expensive.

The biggest difference between the maximum and minimum bets according to roulette is 1p up to £5000. You can go for 19 round of doubling up before you hit the table limit. Odds of 19 reds in a row are tiny, even over the course of a night. Odds of 10 reds in a row are actually quite high in a night but 19 is still very low.

Before you get too excited about a system though, its worth remembering, if you start a system, with penny bets, you’ll only win pennies. To win anything worthwhile, you’d have to bet more. Starting with 1p bets is good for system testing though.