Roulette Special Rules

In some casinos roulette special rules apply, which can be all or some from the list below:

The rule “En Prison”
In European roulette there is a special rule that applies to the even chance bets (red/black, odd/even and 1-18/19-36). If the spinning ball lands on zero, then your bet will be placed “in prison”, i.e. your bet will stay on the table for the next spin. If zero comes up again, then you lose the bet, however, if your bet wins then you can keep the original wager.
The rule “La Partage”
The rule La Partage is similar to the rule En Prison. The difference is that according to this rule, if zero comes up, you lose half of your bet without the chance of leaving your bet in prison. La Partage also refers to the even chance bets and it is used in French roulette.
The rule “Surrender”
Another rule similar to La Partage is the rule Surrender and it is usually used in the American casinos. According to this rule the advantage of the casino is reduced from 5,26% to 2,63% and it refers to the even chance bets.
Call bets
Players can also do call bets. These bets have to be “called” or announced to the dealer. A call bet is when you make a bet on a particular number sector of the European roulette wheel.