TOP 4 Best Drinks at Roulette Table!

Following is offering you TOP 4 suggestions of best drinks with exact recipes at roulette table, first place is taken but most popular roulette drink mainly at landbased casinos, then other places in TOP 4 are picked for being good choices to prepare them at home and enjoy also when playing online.
Picture of Vesper Martini coctail

Vesper Martini

#1 Vesper Martini or James Bond Martini

The recipe for Bond’s “Vesper” martini, as described in the 1953 book: ‘Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel. The recipe for Bond’s “Vesper” martini, as described in the 2006 movie: ‘Three measures of Gordon’s; one of vodka; half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel.’ To make this drink yourself, you have to mix the ingredients, strain, and serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a large thin slice of lemon peel. Kina Lillet, now called Lillet, is hard to find in regular stores, but can easily be purchased online, you could replace this with another dry Vermouth if necessary. As Lillet is slightly different from the original Kina Lillet, you might want to add a small dash of bitters to recreate the original taste even more accurately. recommends though this drink in first place to be ordered in casinos, not to make it yourself, but sure you can give a try. And remember, shaken, not stirred.
Picture of coctail Cranberry Vodka

Cranberry Vodka

#2 Cranberry Vodka

You might think the Vodka Cranberry cocktail is simply vodka and cranberry juice, especially since that’s how some bars serve it. Well, some bars are lazy and shameful. This drink is actually a little more complicated than its name might lead you to believe. A proper Vodka Cranberry also uses a touch of Rose’s lime and orange juice to bring out the best of the cranberry flavor. This cocktail recipe is pretty light on the alcohol, so feel free to vary it according to your taste and tolerance. Mix it as follows: one ounce vodka, four and half ounces cranberry juice, one dash Rose’s lime and add also one dash orange juice. Good drink to enjoy while playing online at home, and dont forget to make a first bet on red color, when taking the drink – red wins always at first, when drinking Cranberry Vodka.
Picture of coctail Captain & Cola

Captain & Cola

#3 Captain & Cola pick from hundreds of different rum and cola mixes is Captain & Cola. Cola is the perfect accompaniment to Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, because the mix accentuates the vanilla notes naturally produced during the maturation process to create a legendary mix. You will need one and half ounce Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, six ounces of Cola and one slice of lime. Add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Cola in ice filled pint glass and garnish with lime. And off you go to online roulette tables!
Picture of coctail Tom Collins

Tom Collins

#4 Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a Collins cocktail made from gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water. First memorialized in writing in 1876 by “the father of American mixology” Jerry Thomas, this “gin and sparkling lemonade” drink typically is served in a Collins glass over ice. Nowadays modern take on Thomas’ 1876 recipe for this long drink contains ice cubes, two ounces of dry gin, two ounces of lemon juice, one teaspoon sugar syrup, soda water, slice of lemon and one colored cherry. Place ample ice in large glass, add gin, lemon juice and syrup, then top up with soda water and stir well, serve with lemon slice and cherry. This one in our TOP 4, like also the very first place holding Vesper Martini, is also good choice to be prepared for you and enjoyed in real casinos. And dont forget, Tom Collins aint any regular gin tonic, it is Tom Collins!