Top 5 Biggest Online Jackpots


Some of the winners played with 50 cents only and won incredible amounts.

Online casino players tend to play in online casinos driven by more things than just one. It’s the passion, the excitement, the fun, the adrenaline rush that online casino incorporates in its games and constitution, but players’ entire main strives are the jackpots and progressive jackpots as well. Why this is the main reason, the final goal for most players? Mostly because the size of the jackpots that could be won. They behold big amount that can surely change everyone’s life.

Players feel blessed and pleased even if they win a four-figure win, a five-figure win and imagine what it would be like if they win seven-figure win? The magic that stands behind this strive, the winnings that make players feel dizzy is the cause, the power that drags players to come back on daily basis.

Yes, some jackpots winnings mean that some of the players may not need to work a single day in their life anymore; therefore it’s no longer important to only participate, it’s important to win big figures as well.

Throughout the entire online casino history, the list of the biggest online jackpot winnings has been constantly changing, writing new names and new amounts.

The 5th biggest online jackpot

4.9 million dollars

On the 5th place in this list of the Top 5 biggest online jackpots of all times is the player named GAMAGO who was a really lucky player. He managed to won 4.9 million dollars on a single spin! GAMAGO placed his $45 dollars bet per one spin at the Gold Mega Jackpot game, the Mega Fortune Wheel. The total amount of GAMAGO’s jackpot was 4,978,336.62 dollars.

The 4th biggest online jackpot

5.5 million dollars

The fourth place at this encouraging list belongs to Mr. Klaus E. who originates from Finland. This lucky player was playing the well known Mega Moolah game and won exactly 5.5 million dollars back in April in 2008. The most interesting thing besides the amount he won is the fact that he placed a really low bet- only 50 cents and he won the largest online jackpot at that time.

Klaus was even invited and flown down to Australia in order to make some additional interviews and videos considering the online jackpot he won.

The 3rd biggest online jackpot

8.5 million dollars

Mr. Georgios M. from Greece who decided to try out his luck in May 2009 in Mega Moolah progressive slot game managed to win incredible 6.3 million euros, or 8,540,400 million dollars.

The 2nd biggest online jackpot

14.8 million dollars

One lucky player hailing from Norway, known by the name “Peter” won an incredible 11.7 million euros, or 14,758,700 million dollars trying out his luck by playing a slot machine online. Though he immediately contacted the tech support, he didn’t even leave the house in order to grant his jackpot, he became a millionaire and he collected his money through one of the online payments ways.

The 1st biggest online jackpot

22.9 million dollars

The largest online jackpot of all times in an online slot game is 22,974,400 dollars, won by a lucky, anonymous player originating from Finland. The luckiest player in the entire online casino world won this ecstatic amount on 20th January 2013, playing his favorite Mega Fortune game, which gave him the title “Largest online jackpot winner of all times”. That is pretty good title, title that weights entire 22 million dollars.


From the real evidence of the credible and trustworthy examples of the players that won the biggest online jackpots of all times, players worldwide can extract and learn a pretty authentic guide, pretty good lesson that shows that playing when least expected can turn quite good for them.

On the other hand, the online casino players bet on daily basis because they expect to win those staggering figures, but almost every single one of these winners played and placed his bet with little cash, some of them even played with 50 cents only and won incredible amounts.

This means that none of the online casino players should get disappointed very easily, and they should never stop trying. The luck could be right behind the corner, nevertheless if they win a small or big amount, they’ll win something. But keep in mind that the chances of winning such a big amount are not so high, or so likely to happen. Playing for fun and excitement and playing wisely and responsible should be your main reason.