Top 5 Roulette Tips

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There are some good tips on how to win at Roulette

The Roulette game, as one of the favorite casino games nowadays, has surely been that type of fun that was always accepted instantly by the people. Throughout the years, the number of fans and Roulette lovers has been significantly increasing. The popularity of this game comes from the exciting nature it has, the fact that is quite easy and fun to play, and lately some glamour has been attached to this “little wheel”, thanks to the presence of Roulette tables in the highly expensive Hollywood movies.

Roulette is a game that is easily played, but besides the fact that you don’t need any special skills in order to win it, lots of people don’t think about increasing their chances of winning during the spin of the ball. The magic formulas don’t exist, or any other true superstitions, but there are some good tips on how to win at Roulette that have been previously checked and tried out while having fun in the same time.

1) Don’t let your emotion rule

This tip will help you out if you memorize it and use it every time before you start playing. Getting closer to the Roulette table can be very emotional and may lead to some false expectations, therefore before the ball starts spinning, it’s crucial to learn that Roulette is game made for fun, not for money. If you win something, just be happy, and if you lose, you should leave the Roulette table (virtual or actual).

2) Increase your winning chances by playing European Roulette

Choosing a Single-Zero Roulette wheel (European Roulette or French Roulette as well) guarantees higher chances of winning in this game. Considering the fact that the American version includes a double zero (00) wheel, the chances of guessing the winning number are much smaller, therefore the losses are higher.

Many of the players worldwide think that the best Roulette wheel is the European one, because it decreases the casino advantage to 2.63%, and one of their recommendations is to go into some of the numerous online casinos where it’s easier and quicker to find a single zero roulette wheel.

3) Placing multiple bets on every spin

Speaking of bets, there are inside and outside bets in the Roulette. The inside bets are the bets where the players bet on a single number or on two, three, four or six numbers. Those sorts of bets pay out quite big jackpots when they are won. The other type of bets – outside bets are the bets where players bet on a bit larger group of twelve and even eighteen numbers, meaning they win more often, but win smaller and modest payouts.

4) Bets that are the best choice

Speaking of bets and the French Roulette game mentioned above, there is another advantage if you choose to play this single-zero wheel. Not only the chances of getting some money are higher in this version, but there is also a chance you don’t lose all your money or just lose half of the bet you’ve made. For instance, if the ball lands on the single zero (0) your bet still remains and is safe and ready for the next spin.

Further, if you win and guess the right number on your next spin, you will not get your money, but you have the permission to get back and replace your original bet. This means that you only lose half of the bet that you’ve made. Generally, players should avoid bets on a single number and always stay on the bets that have lower odds.

5) Get rid of the sure Roulette systems

Players should stop wasting their money on so called systems, predictions and forecasts that allegedly can beat the Roulette. These sorts of systems can be found through the Web and even found in specialized books about the Roulette. All of the rules mentioned in these sorts of “sure systems” imply to the online casinos, but they are not correct and trustworthy.

The authors or the people that sell them have absolutely no gain if they sell that information to you. If they really had the correct system that beats the Roulette, they would have made millions so far. Well, they haven’t, therefore you will not earn any money if you play by these systems as well. Winning the Roulette is the essence of the chances and good luck.