Transfer funds from NETELLER to Skrill

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E-commerce and e-wallets are a rising trend

Nowadays many people are using e-wallets to shop online and make online casino deposits and withdrawals. NETELLER and Skrill are some of the third-part payment processors people from all over the world are using to transfer funds to and from online casinos.

There is no legal way to transfer funds from one account to another, therefore, you have to look for alternative money transfer methods.

Because online casino fans play games frequently, finding the most suitable way to transfer money is a necessity. People who own both NETELLER and Skrill accounts know that there is no legal way they can transfer funds from one account to another, therefore, most of them are looking for alternative money transfer methods. Even though you cannot transfer funds directly from a NETELLER to a Skrill account, there are a couple of indirect ways to do it.

NETELLER Cash Skrill


First and foremost, apply for a physical Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. Once you receive your card, cash out your money from your NETELLER online account through this card at an ATM. After you get the money, deposit them into your registered credit card, like Visa or Visa Electron or into your bank account. Then go to Skrill’s website and select “add funds”. This is a possible way to transfer funds, but it takes a lot of time and the entire process is very slow.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard Skrill


Secondly, you can directly transfer funds from your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard to Skrill, but you might get into trouble. The reason behind this is that even though you state that the money you are sending is not to be used for gambling purposes, you might have problems with Skrill if you actually use it to deposit at an online casino.

NETELLER Casino Skrill


Thirdly, you can deposit money through your NETELLER account into an online casino and then withdraw it to your Skrill account. However, not all online casinos allow this transfer. Even if some casinos actually allow it, the money you have deposited has to be played through first.


Fourthly, you can deposit via your NETELLER account to an online casino account and after you make some money you must withdraw your original deposited amount to NETELLER and transfer the extra winnings to your Skrill account. For example, your first deposit is $500. If you add this money to your casino account through your NETELLER account and, while playing you win $1500, $500 of your winnings have to be returned to NETELLER and the extra money can be withdrawn through another method, in our case, Skrill.

NETELLER Person Skrill


Lastly, you can transfer funds from NETELLER to Skill though a physical person if that person has both NETELLER and Skrill accounts. For example, you can send money to your cousin from your NETELLER account to his, and he can send you the exact amount from his Skrill account to yours. This is the most used way to transfer funds from NETELLER to Skrill nowadays, but it has to be pointed out that this money transfer is also risky.

Most people use the community forums to find people who have both NETELLER and Skrill accounts, but some of them should not be trusted. Therefore, the best way is to make these transfers with a relative or with a reputable forum member. Additionally, to avoid becoming victim of fraud, that person should send you the money first.

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