What is Live Casino and Live Roulette?

One of the newest trends in online gaming industry is the ability to play Live. This is done by using a cameras that are positioned in a real casino-like-studios. You will play with a real croupier who launches the ball in the roulette wheel. These casinos offering the live play option are open 24/7, so way longer than real casinos in Europe f.e.

Women standing behind roulette wheelThe first few online casinos started appearing near the end of the last century, around 1997-1998, as the competition picked up operators have thinking more and more every day, how to attract players stay at their sites, which brought to customers few years ago also first live casinos, where next to roulette is possible to play also other casino games similarly in live manner over a broadcast. Nowadays live casino is almost a must for every serious online operator next to regular online casino.

Live Roulette

There is no live casino without live roulette, it is thus possibly to go to any live casino to play online roulette. Playing roulette in a live casino gives the player more confidence in the fairness of the game and it makes the game more exciting.
Live casinos have become amazingly popular. A lot of these qualitative online casinos provide online blackjack and online roulette as well as the live variants of these games. Live casinos provide some extra benefits over online casinos.
The live dealers are stationed in a land based studio.
Seeing the ball roll in real time enhances the confidence a player has in the fairness of the game.

Many live casinos provide a way to chat with the dealer. This way a player can ask questions and depending on casino, sometimes even dealer answers by talking, not in a chat box.

The live casino gives you the feeling that you’re playing in a real casino, all the while playing behind your computer, pc or tablet.

How it works

Womam standing behind roulette wheel and smilingThe roulette wheel is the core of a game in live roulette, since it is filmed by the cameras. These cameras are able to zoom in on the wheel. You, as a player, will see the ball go through this wheel in real time and eventually land on a number. In online roulette, the ball will randomly ‘fall’ on a number that is generated by a Random Number Generator. Live roulette boosts the confidence a player has in the game since he/she can see the wheel spin in real time.

Betting at live roulette

Since the dealer doesn’t interfere with the betting process, you’ll have to make your bet yourself. Obviously, this can’t be done live. For this reason is used online-roulette-like programmed roulette table layout, where players will be placing their bets.