Women play a lot online!

With less risks and more opportunities to explore new gaming than ever before, it seems as though online casinos are here to stay.

Gambling, whether with dice, cards or on a game of chance, has always been a popular pastime. Many of the contemporary casino games that we know and love have been around for centuries or even longer, roulette is thought to originate from Roman soldiers tipping their chariots onto their sides and spinning the wheels to decide the outcomes of specific requests!

Woman behind a lap-top

While men and women will never leave behind the traditional casino setting entirely, online casinos are increasingly becoming the gaming arena of choice for many. Thanks to convenience, game variations and easy-to-use sites, online casinos have been steadily increasing in popularity. As they ramp up the extras on their websites – like bonuses, live play, chat rooms and other features – it’s likely we will see online casinos becoming more like those ‘brick and mortar casinos’, imitating their atmosphere and buzz very successfully.

Depending on countries womens proportion in total online gamblers numbers varies a lot, but it is everywhere recognized, that online casinos attract proportionally more women, than landbased casinos do in the same jurisdictions. Interestingly in online casino high rollers segment, womens higher-than-usual proportion is especially visible.

48.38 percent of people who played online last year were female

Survey by e-advertising firm Hitwise has found proving that the Internet has exposed women to the world of casino gaming more than ever before and females can play to half of all British online casino players were female in 2012 report found, dispelling the long-held belief that gambling is an entirely male pursuit in 48.38 percent of people who played online last year were female to compared to a slightly higher 51.62% who were male. Sure among regular online players, male proportion is significally higher, than around half, but still we cannot leave unnoticed fact, that women are important player group in online gaming segment.

The popularity of different kinds of Internet gambling depends greatly on the gender segmentation. It is expected that Bingo and also in Slots games will have the largest rate of growth, because more women are getting involved in iGaming on regular basis and they have clear preference for Bingo and Slots. The main thing to take out of all this though, is that women are able to play freely, without the old stigmas associated with doing so.

These days major online gambling operators know that they must pull out all stops to attract female players to try their products. If would look at online casino designs and also campaigns some years ago, you would have noticed a lot of male oriented marketing with half naked girls and other similar approaching, nowadays you will see, that almost all online casinos are gender-neutral in their marketing, design and campaigns. There is plenty of competition, and those that ignore 50% of the population simply do so at their own peril – both business-wise and reputation-wise.